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Spiritual habitat · Beauty - Fotou Mountain
Tasting red classics · view the Buddha's light and enjoy the folk customs


About Fotou Mountain
Spiritual habitat · Beauty - Fotou Mountain
In the northeast of sichuan, there is a folk song: "the mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain, there is a Buddha in the mountain, there is a mountain in the Buddha." This folk song is sung by the north side of pingchang county city of foshan. Foshan is 740 meters above sea level. According to legend, the buddhist head boy around the grand master of guanyin once collected the dragon and became a mountain town. Foshan is also famous for its buddhist light, with a long culture and a long reputation.

Strange mountain tourist scenic spot is located on the north of pingchang county town of strange mountain national forest park, with a total area of 23.6 square kilometers, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, with red culture, Buddhism culture and folk culture as the core of culture. In the red culture area, there is the largest stone inscription slogan garden of the red army of Chinese workers and peasants, and the memorial hall of liu bojian, one of the hundreds of classic red tourist attractions. In the buddhist culture area, there is the only low-altitude buddhist light in the country. In the folk culture area, there is a ba people folk culture park that displays the ancient bashan folk custom land, which is located in the city of buddhist head of bashan, and there are the relics of the "micang ancient road", one of the three ancient shu roads.

Strange mountain tourist scenic spot the traffic is convenient, perfect supporting facilities, year millions of tourists, is all the citizens of pyeongchang city garden, is a classic tabled, Buddha's light magenta scenery, enjoy big beautiful scenic area, folk customs is set leisure, folk experience, education, buddhist pilgrimage, red tourism in the integration of tourism scenic spots, cultural big park.

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